Sheraton City Center Hotel Renovation

St. Louis, MO

One million-square-foot construction renovation of National Landmark hotel in downtown St. Louis

1 million SF renovation
$35 million
The one million SF, 13-story project was the largest private hotel renovation project in Missouri history.

This multi-faceted project involved a major renovation to a 70-year old plus building, while protecting the existing resources and architectural elements, as well as several complex structural components.  The existing building is iconic to the landscape of downtown St. Louis and registered as a National Landmark. This distinction made the details of the renovation and the manner in which they were conducted critical to the success of the project. Structural modifications to the building included cutting through nine levels of the building to create the atrium, extensive structural modifications to the actual building structure to bring it up to current code standards, and the addition of the roof level atrium skylight and swimming pools. 

Sheraton City Center Hotel Renovation
Sheraton City Center Hotel Atrium Construction
The hotel is centered around a large rectangular atrium—the largest ever built in Missouri. Encompassing more than 1.2 million cubic feet, the skylight-topped atrium stretches from the fifth to the 13th floors. The atrium was constructed by carefully removing 10,800 SF of existing interior concrete floors from nine levels. Hotel rooms, suites, and condominium units wrap the atrium.
Sheraton City Center Hotel Atrium