The Rise on 9th

Columbia, MO

Luxury campus living delivered on a fast-track schedule

232,000 SF
$35 Million
The Rise on 9th is a ten-story student apartment building located in downtown Columbia, Missouri.

It includes 178 luxury apartments ranging from studios to four-bedroom units with a total of 415 beds. With a variety of amenities including a third-floor pool and entertainment deck, on-site parking, a health and fitness center, penthouse lounge, and private study lounges, Rise on 9th goes above and beyond traditional on-campus living.

Our project had a tight schedule due to the hard delivery date as well as some challenging construction details. Brinkmann’s team constantly sought solutions to minimize delays and added costs. This was a refreshing approach.
John Kitson,
VP Construction Management, CA Ventures

Analyze multiple structure and exterior wall systems

Originally thought to be a light-gauge framed building system, Brinkmann compared three different structure types looking at overall construction duration and costs before the designers started drawing.

Ultimately deciding on a structural steel building, Brinkmann was able to reduce the cost of the structure by $2 million compared to the other structure types while also choosing a structure type to maintain an aggressive schedule.

Thinking dark
Insight lead to speed to market and cost savings
The Brinkmann team delivered the fast-track project in 16 months with $4 million in savings. Starting out on the best path eliminated costly redesign due to excessive value engineering needed to meet the budget.
Prefabricated wall panels utilized on floors three to ten.

Brinkmann also found efficiencies in the use of prefabricated exterior wall panels. These panels included metal framing, continuous insulation, weather barrier, unit windows, and a high-end open joint cementitious panel system, all fabricated in the shop and delivered to the jobsite. The panels were hoisted and attached directly to the structural steel frame, dramatically reducing the time needed to dry-in the building as well as the amount of work needed to be performed from exterior scaffolds or lifts.

Rise on 9th Exterior Street view
Locust Street View
Rise on 9th pool
Rise on 9th interior view
Rise on 9th interior
Rise on 9th Interior