Northland Park

Kansas City, MO

A fast-tracked, five-building industrial development

1.6 million SF
$45 million
Located in Northern Kansas City, Missouri, Northland Park is an industrial development owned by NorthPoint. Totaling 2 million square feet, the project includes five separate warehouses.

Building 5 is currently under construction.

A fast-track schedule would allow NorthPoint to move tenants into the warehouses sooner.

In taking a second look at the schedule, Brinkmann was able to rearrange phases, tackling multiple areas on this industrial development at once to cut back on delivery time. Simple solutions, such as starting the paving process earlier, made the space accessible to tenants weeks earlier than expected.

Building 1

Size: 390,000 SF

Value: $12.4 million


Building 2

Size: 414,000 SF

Value: $11.4 million


Building 3

Size: 413,000 SF

Value: $11.5 million


Building 4 

Size: 380,000 SF

Value: $9.9 million


Building 5 (under construction)

Size: 575,000 SF

Value: $17.3 million



Carry Solutions from One Project to the Next

Throughout the project, Brinkmann identified new solutions to continuously pull time out of the schedule. Value engineering opportunities identified on the first project were incorporated into the proposal for the second space. Cost-saving ideas identified on the second building were built into the third space, and so on.

Knowledge and findings from previous projects allowed Brinkmann to deliver each building faster than the last.

Northland Park Progress Aerial Image
5.5-month delivery time
This knowledge-based approach resulted in a fast-track schedule of approximately five-and-a-half months per building.
Northland Industrial Warehouse Aerial
Northland Industrial Warehouse Aerial Building 4
Northland Industrial Warehouse Progress
Northland Industrial Warehouse Complete