Liberty High School

Wentzville, MO

An accelerated schedule of this high school construction required proper coordination

295,000 SF
$40.4 million
Completed 295,000 SF high school on an accelerated schedule of just over one year.

This 295,000 sf high school building on 80 acres of development has a football stadium, soccer field, baseball field, softball field, and eight tennis courts and had an accelerated schedule at just over 1 year.  In order to meet this schedule, efforts were made to get as much of the building enclosed before the bad weather of the winter months. This required proper coordination between masonry load bearing walls and the structural steel erection in order to get as much of the shell of the building completed and in the dry as possible.

Another challenge of this project was that the Owner requested a full season of growth on all of the athletic fields that were to receive sod. In order to get a season of growth, the sod had to be placed on those fields before November 1. All of the buildings, footings, track, dugouts, etc. had to have their foundations in and heavy construction complete in order to prevent any turf disturbance at a later date. In order to successfully complete this, the entire project had to be theoretically separated into the “Building” and the “Athletic Fields”. In several cases, the subcontractors had two crews to work on the two separate projects at the same time.

Liberty High School Exterior day
Liberty High School Hallway lockers
Liberty High School Library
Liberty High School Cafeteria
Liberty High School Aerial Wentzville