The Crescent

Clayton, MO

Structural redesign of a condominium project leads to a schedule reduction of 6 months.

390,000 SF
$43 million
The Crescent is a nine-story, 72-unit luxury condominium building with retail at street level.

Analyze the Structure

When Brinkmann was brought in on this project, The Crescent was approximately 90% designed, with a committed plan to build using concrete. Brinkmann asked: “Does a building with only nine stories really need to be concrete?”

Crescent Construction Image
Simply put, steel structures go up faster
After much study, our team laid out the serious benefits to using steel instead. First, this concrete building necessitated a tower crane, and The Crescent’s unique length meant there would need to be not one but two tower cranes. It's possible, our Innovators reasoned, to instead build with steel, and remove the necessity of two tower cranes. This design change lead to significant project savings and a shorter construction duration. The Owner’s original schedule was 24 months. We promised completion — and delivered — in 18 months.
The Crescent Progress
The Crescent Complete Exterior
The Crescent Lobby
The Crescent Condo Unit