UPS Automated Hub

El Paso, TX

Warehouse renovation and expansion of UPS hub

110,000 SF renovation, 43,000 SF expansion
$12.3 million
TR,I Architects
United Parcel Service

Brinkmann worked closely with UPS to construct this 43,000 SF tilt-up concrete addition and remodel an existing 110,000 SF building to become an automated UPS Distribution Center.  

The hub/distribution center includes separate structural, light-gauge, framed one-story and a two-story office space constructed within the existing building that totals approximately 10,000 SF. A stand-alone 4,000 SF pre-cast concrete wash tunnel structure is also included as part of this project. Site demolition and improvements were completed for employee parking and feeder truck staging areas.

The facility is situated on the El Paso International Airport property and is directly in the flight path necessitating strict coordination with the airport at all times. 

UPS Automated Hub
UPS Automated Hub Progress Construction
UPS Automated Hub Progress Construction