St. Charles County Emergency Operations Center

St. Charles County, MO

Brinkmann handled the design-build construction for this facility focused on coordinated and efficient response 24/7

44,000 SF
$20 million
A mission-critical facility, the St. Charles County Emergency Operations Center is designed to withstand extreme conditions to ensure continued operation in emergency situations.

Brinkmann’s design-build team met critical safety requirements for the facility while staying one step ahead in the process.

The Emergency Operations Center is built to resist wind and impact forces from an F5 tornado. The facility also features redundant plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and communication services.

Brinkmann’s sequenced design-build process allowed the work to start earlier and stay one step ahead in the process. Site grading started before the foundations were designed, slabs were poured before wall panels were designed, and wall panels were erected before the interior and MEPS design was complete.


Realize Savings through Recessed Floor Redesign

Brinkmann worked with the structural engineer and concrete contractor to alter the building’s recessed floor design. With this adjustment, additional panels could be cast on the slab at one time, saving time and money.

Delivering Added Value
The floor design alternations allowed the team to cast panels for two-thirds of the building instead of the initial casting of one-third; saving money on casting beds. In rethinking the sequence of the design-build process, Brinkmann saved time and money, delivering added value to the client.
St Charles EOC Exterior
St Charles EOC Exterior Back
St Charles EOC Interior 1
St Charles EOC Interior 2
St Charles EOC Interior 3
St Charles EOC Data Center