AMC St. Charles 8

St. Charles, MO

Sped up theater construction with prefabrication to deliver in record time

44,000 SF
$11 million
Delivered in just over six months, the movie theater was delivered three-and-a-half months earlier than AMC’s typical schedule. In fact, the company noted that, for the number of screens and the type of construction, this was the fastest schedule in AMC history.

Despite an irregular, steeply sloping site and difficult foundation scope, Brinkmann developed an economical, design-build solution to deliver the AMC theater on a record-setting fast-track schedule. Contemporary movie theaters often feature stadium seating framed with red iron and light gauge framing. Brinkmann significantly sped up the project’s delivery using prefabricated trusses. AMC now uses this insight as a best practice for theater construction projects.


AMC St. Charles 8
AMC St. Charles 8