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Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Brinkmann has completed nearly 100 Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC's) nationwide

Approximately $100 million
SurgCenter Development

Brinkmann provides construction services for each ASC. These centers house a variety of surgical and anesthetic services and typically feature multiple operating rooms, care service facilities, pre-op and recovery areas, as well as multiple treatment rooms for imaging, laser and other non-evasive procedures.

Let the Healing Start Sooner

 In the ASC business, every extra day a center can be open produces great financial return for the Owner. The first Owner to approach Brinkmann about a project reported that other contractors required five months to complete build-outs. Brinkmann promised a construction schedule of 120 days — and then beat it. 

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Average completion schedule is 90 days
We have sustained an average completion schedule of 90 days, thanks to our disciplined scheduling and creative work sequencing.
Ambulatory Surgical Center
Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Our National Reach

Brinkmann Constructors provides Construction Management, Design/Build and General Contracting services nationwide. 

We currently have offices in St. Louis, Denver and Kansas City and have worked in the states highlighted in solid gray. 

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