Ambulatory Surgical Centers


Brinkmann has completed nearly 100 Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) nationwide

Approximately $100 million
These centers house a variety of surgical and anesthetic services and typically feature multiple operating rooms, care service facilities, pre-op and recovery areas, as well as multiple treatment rooms for imaging, laser and other non-evasive procedures.
Our decision to continue to partner with Brinkmann Constructors is a direct result of their unwavering client-driven focus. Our projects are extremely time sensitive and the insight that they provide to every challenge along the way is directly related to assuring that our initial end goal is maintained.
Jason Marnin,
Vice President, ASC Facility Development, SurgCenter Development

Let the Healing Start Sooner

In the ASC business, every extra day a center can be open produces great financial return for the Owner. When first approached by the Owner, a typical project required five months to complete. Brinkmann promised a construction schedule of 120 days - and then beat it. 

Surg Center Olive
Success, one project at a time
Beginning with that first project, Brinkmann has sustained an average completion schedule of 90-100 days and built a valued relationship that has lasted for over a decade.
Ambulatory Surgical Center
Ambulatory Surgical Centers