The Benefits of Partnering with a Flexible, Comprehensive General Contractor

Park Place Apartments Construction June 2023
Construction is underway at Park Place, a student housing community in Flagstaff.


Joe Strobbe – Vice President, Brinkmann Constructors

Known as one of the most appealing Western cities for its low cost of living, desirable climate and business-friendly policies, Phoenix continues to generate a steady influx of construction projects in a variety of market sectors. From multifamily communities to end-user industrial warehouses, the market confidently prospers as owners and developers look toward the city’s clear-cut potential to justify new projects. Alongside this growth, the community has welcomed the presence of general contractors who have taken note of the city’s upward development trends. As national developers and owners continue to acclimate to the region’s distinctive culture and identify new opportunities, it’s crucial to partner with an experienced team that can offer expert guidance, tailored to your project no matter the size.

Expert Knowledge and Creative Strategies

The best projects begin by harnessing the expertise of skilled professionals. Currently, very few general contractors in the Phoenix area have the interest and necessary skillset required for performing construction types I through V, ranging from concrete high-rises and warehouses to non-combustible construction over podiums, to garden-style wood-framed apartments. With a significant presence of national general contractors in the greater Phoenix area, a small fraction of the professional pool is willing and capable of working across all five types. Beyond having an in-depth understanding of the nuance of each type of construction, an honest, thoughtful building partner will look beyond the first solution to discover alternative ideas that identify both significant cost and time savings opportunities and increased value to the client. In addition to seeking out creative alternatives, the team dedicates time and effort to maintaining consistent and clear communication with the client from start to finish. By recognizing that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to building and design plans, a general contractor can set itself apart from competitors.

Projects of All Scopes and Sizes

Many general contractors seek out opportunities to build the next extravagant high-rise, and most of the lower-density product is built by smaller, often local general contractors.  Few dedicated, well-rounded teams have both the capacity and skillset required to tackle all project types without hesitation. From garden style, wrap, podium to high-rises, having a wide array of past experiences of similar size and scope allows a general contractor like Brinkmann Constructors to show clients the range of their skills and bring their sophisticated protocols, national relationships, resources and hands-on expertise to a myriad of project types.  Several living projects (multifamily, senior living, student housing) are currently in construction in the Arizona market, including Park Place, a 6-story over 3-story below-grade parking luxury student housing community in Flagstaff, and X-Roosevelt, a 19-story design/build apartment tower in downtown Phoenix. Although these projects are in the same living product sector, they differ in terms of size, scope, and delivery method. As fluctuations in the economy continue to raise uncertainty for owners and developers, a partnership with a nimble, dynamic, and resourceful general contractor with a vast portfolio and capabilities in all construction types allows clients the flexibility to entertain large campuses with varied product types to meet current market economic challenges.  Regardless of the project’s projected value, an experienced general contractor will take advantage of any opportunity to bring a valuable new asset to the community while building lasting relationships with new and existing clients.

A National Footprint with a Proven Track Record

National general contractors with strong local leadership possess knowledge in delivering commercial developments with innovative design solutions. Additionally, they offer supply and workforce resources while holding local jurisdictional and subcontractor trade partner relationships that are critical to successful project delivery.  A mid-to-large-sized general contractor with a well-balanced portfolio across a variety of market sectors allows the client to tap into a broader pool of resources while thinking about future growth opportunities and the continuity of the relationship in new regions and markets. 

Strong, Longstanding Relationships

The root of all positive business relationships begins with mutual trust and a shared understanding of each other’s goals and objectives. Authentic trust and understanding are established by delivering consistent, positive results and taking ownership of each responsibility assigned to the project team. Each member of the project team is accountable for maintaining integrity and professionalism, regardless of their role. This allows the team to work together seamlessly, aligned as one entity working toward a common goal of delivering a high-quality product to the client. The ability to build productive relationships while maintaining cohesive project teams allows general contractors to network with the region’s top subcontracting trade partners, mitigating delays related to supply chain, material shortages, and labor issues before they arise.


As the Metro Phoenix area continues to expand, it is important for owners and developers to meet this steady demand by forming strategic, beneficial alliances with a general contractor that can look at the big picture of their goals and desired growth for the future. Ultimately, the decision of a general contractor is left up to several factors, including price, preexisting relationships, experience, resources and capabilities. By creating long-term partnerships with capable, competent industry professionals, owners and developers benefit from streamlined projects and innovative solutions that result in successful outcomes and new, appreciable opportunities.


Joe Strobbe has more than 20 years of experience in construction and executive leadership. He is focused on growing Brinkmann’s presence, team and opportunities in the Southwest as well as day-to-day operations of the Arizona office. His insight of the industry and passion for advocating for Brinkmann’s clients have positioned him to make an impact and help strengthen the community. Joe has been a resident of Chandler for many years and is married with four children.