Become a Brinkmann Intern

Work That Matters

Brinkmann's Build Program preps college students for a career in the construction industry. As an intern with Brinkmann, you'll get hands-on training on actual jobsites, learning from experienced mentors. You'll go beyond the textbook to gain real-life knowledge.

Relationships are at the heart of Brinkmann, and you'll create lasting ones during your time with us. 

internship program
Brinkmann has the right culture and that's why I wanted to be here.
Brinkmann Build Program Intern

No matter what stage of learning you're in, you'll gain life-long skills and confidence at Brinkmann. An internship with Brinkmann allows you to grow with us on a professional level and may just lead to full-time work.

Our passion is building, but our purpose is people. And we want YOU on our team.


Brinkmann Intern BUILD Program